Nuorempi tutkija Johanna Lyytikäinen

Uploaded on: 01/06/2020

Current Organisation
Laboratory of Production Engineering (Superior organisation: Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering)

Research Interest
Converting machines and tools are capable to manufacture three-dimensional shapes of renewable materials such as paperboard. However, during converting and finishing processes and their subprocesses the packaging material is exposed to threats such as heat and drying which affect printability and barrier properties.

Research Areas

Projects as Co-Investigator
ECOtronics (01/08/2019 - 30/09/2021)
Funder: Business Finland

Sustainable materials and processes for electronics, photonics and diagnostics (2020)
A4 Conference proceedings
Hakola Liisa, Immonen Kirsi, Sokka Laura, et al.
Proceedings of the Electronics Goes Green 2020+
Temperature-dependent interactions between hydrophobically modified ethyl(hydroxyethyl)cellulose and methyl nanocellulose (2019)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Lyytikäinen Johanna, Laukala Teija, Backfolk Kaj
Optimizing electric corona treatment for hydroxypropylated starch-based coatings (2018)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Lyytikäinen Johanna, Ovaska Sami-Seppo, Soboleva Ekaterina, et al.
Carbohydrate Polymers
The effect of anionic-cationic multilayering and microstructure on dye-based ink absorption (2018)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Mielonen Katriina, Laukala Teija, Lyytikäinen Johanna, et al.
Chemical Engineering Science
Three-dimensional Forming of Multi-layered Materials: Material Heat Response and Quality Aspects (2018)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Ovaska Sami-Seppo, Geydt Pavel, Leminen Ville, et al.
Journal of Applied Packaging Research
Determination of Repulpability of Talc-Filled Biopolymer Dispersion Coatings and Optimization of Repulped Reject for Improved Material Efficiency by Tailoring Coatings (2017)
A4 Conference proceedings
Ovaska Sami-Seppo, Mielonen Katriina, Lyytikäinen Johanna, et al.
Paper Conference and Trade Show (PaperCon 2017): Renew, Rethink, Redefine the Future
The effect of drying behavior of coatings containing pigment and CaCl2 on inkjet print quality (2017)
A4 Conference proceedings
Mielonen Katriina, Ovaska Sami-Seppo, Lyytikäinen Johanna, et al.
33rd International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies (NIP)
Tuning inkjet printability of hydroxypropylated-starch-based coatings by mineral selection (2017)
A4 Conference proceedings
Ovaska Sami-Seppo, Mielonen Katriina, Lyytikäinen Johannna, et al.
NIP & Digital Fabrication Conference
CLSM investigation of paper surface (2015)
D3 Professional conference proceedings
Soboleva Ekaterina, Ovaska Sami-Seppo, Backfolk Kaj, et al.
18th Russian Youth Conference on Physics and Astronomy (PhysicA.SPb/2015)


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