Professori Aki Mikkola

Mobile phone: +358 40 736 3095
Uploaded on: 24/10/2020

Current Organisation
Laboratory of Machine Design (Superior organisation: Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering)

Research Interest
Aki Mikkola received a Ph.D. degree in the field of machine design in 1997. Since 2002, he has been working as a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lappeenranta, Finland. Currently, Mikkola leads the research team of the Laboratory of Machine Design. He has been awarded five patents, has contributed to more than 110 peer-reviewed journal papers and has presented more than 100 conference articles. His major research activities are related to flexible multibody dynamics, rotating structures, and biomechanics. Mikkola has served on several occasions as session organizer for international conferences. In the First Joint International Conference on Multibody System Dynamics that was organized in Finland during 2010, Mikkola served as Chair, together with Prof. Werner Schiehlen. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Multibody System Dynamics (Springer).

Projects as Principal Investigator
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New Business from Cross-Enterprise Data (01/04/2016 - 30/09/2017)
Funder: Tekes
Laskennalliset menetelmät konetekniikan (01/01/2015 - 31/10/2015)
Funder: Tekes
Polvinivelen dynamiikan analysointi fyysisten harjoitteiden aikana (01/01/2011 - 31/12/2014)
Funder: Academy of Finland

Projects as Project Manager
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Two Simple Triangular Plate Elements Based on the Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation (2008)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Dmitrochenko Oleg, Mikkola Aki
Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics
A New Locking-Free Shear Deformable Finite Element Based on Absolute Nodal Coordinates (2007)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
García-Vallejo Daniel, Mikkola Aki, Escalona Jose
Nonlinear Dynamics
Dynamic simulation of a flexible rotor during drop on retainer bearings, (2007)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Kärkkäinen Antti, Sopanen Jussi, Mikkola Aki
Journal of Sound and Vibration
Effect of Misalignment of Retainer Bearings on Dynamic Responses of Rotor System During Emergency Stop (2007)
A4 Conference proceedings
Kärkkäinen Antti, Helfert Marlene, Aeschlimann Beat, et al.
Review of Finite Elements Based on Absolute Nodal Coordinates (2007)
Dmitrochenko Oleg, Mikkola Aki
Shear deformable beam finite element for dynamic analysis of multibody systems (2007)
Mikkola Aki, Dmitrochenko Oleg, Matikainen Marko
Suuret keskinopeuskäytöt (2007)
Pyrhönen Juha, Partanen Jarmo, Nerg Janne, et al.

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