Tutkijatohtori Suvi Konsti-Laakso

E-mail: Suvi.Konsti-Laakso@lut.fi
Mobile phone: +358 40 0784495
Uploaded on: 30/11/2019

Current Organisation
Entrepreneurship and Management (Superior organisation: Common, Industrial Engineering and Management)

Research Interest
My main research topic is user-driven innovation and user engagement in innovation particularly in public sector. My dissertation will focus on knowledge cocreation with users. Other important, interesting and related topics are social innovation, design as innovation management tool, living labs and social enterprises.

Teaching Experience
CS34A0551 Business idea development
CS30A1691 Social sustainability
A390A0700 Participatory Processes

Projects as Project Manager
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Tulevaisuuden hiilineutraali ja omavarainen lähiö (01/01/2021 - 31/12/2022)
Funder: Other Finnish
Yrittäjyyden ekosysteemit (01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018)
Funder: Other Finnish
CleanAcceptance - vähähiilisyyttä asumiseen (01/09/2015 - 30/06/2018)
Funder: Other Finnish

Projects as Co-Investigator
Kunta omistajana, kuntien yritysomistusten tavoitteet ja motivaatiot (01/09/2020 - 30/06/2022)
Funder: Other Finnish
Kestävän yrittäjyyden innovaatiot (01/01/2015 - 31/05/2018)
Funder: Other Finnish
Pelin muuttaminen strategisella arvoinnovoinnilla (01/01/2015 - 31/10/2016)
Funder: Tekes

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Hyönteistuotannon tulevaisuus Päijät-Hämeessä: Harvojen herkkua vai massojen mussuteltavaa (2020)
Uotila Tuomo, Parjanen Satu, Konsti-Laakso Suvi, et al.
Sirkkakirja – liiketoimintaa kestävästä hyönteistuotannosta
Innovation in family business groups: going beyond an R&D perspective (2020)
A3 Book section, chapters in research books
Rautiainen Marita, Konsti-Laakso Suvi, Pihkala Timo
A Research Agenda for Family Business A Way Ahead for the Field
Sirkkakirja – liiketoimintaa kestävästä hyönteistuotannosta (2020)
D4 Published development or research report or study
Sillman Jani, Parjanen Satu, Laakso Hilkka, et al.
LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications : Tutkimusraportit - Research reports
Accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles among housing cooperatives (2018)
A4 Conference proceedings
Claudelin Anna, Konsti-Laakso Suvi, Uusitalo Ville, et al.
The 24th International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference ACTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE WORLD: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE
Brokering User Knowledge (2018)
A4 Conference proceedings
Konsti-Laakso Suvi
2018 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC)
Co-creation, Brokering and Innovation Networks: A Model for Innovating with Users (2018)
G5 Doctoral dissertation (article)
Konsti-Laakso Suvi
Acta Universitatis Lappeenrantaensis
Enhancing public sector innovation: living lab case studies on well-being services in Lahti, Finland (2018)
A3 Book section, chapters in research books
Konsti-Laakso Suvi, Pekkarinen Satu, Melkas Helinä
Cities and Sustainable Technology Transitions Leadership, Innovation and Adoption
Managing community engagement: A process model for urban planning (2018)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Konsti-Laakso Suvi, Rantala Tero
European Journal of Operational Research
The Contribution of Family Business Groups to the Local Innovation Environment (2018)
A3 Book section, chapters in research books
Konsti-Laakso Suvi, Heikkilä Jussi, Rautiainen Marita, et al.
The Family Business Group Phenomenon - Emergence and Complexities
Uusiutuva koti (2018)
D5 Textbook, professional manual or guide or a dictionary
Konsti-Laakso Suvi, Hennala Lea, Claudelin Anna, et al.
LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications : Raportit ja selvitykset - Reports

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