Mahmoud AbdelWahed


Current Organisation
Green Chemistry (Superior organisation: LUT School of Engineering Science)

Research Interest
Water quality is a big issue in the developing countries. In Egypt, for example, major challenges such as population growth, competition on water from the upper Nile basin countries, potential climate change and water quality are threating the water security. The first three challenges are difficult to control. Accordingly, Egypt should keep every drop of water clean to maximize its benefits. This can be achieved through the assessment of water quality throughout the Egyptian Governorates. From this point of view, we present the first assessment study of the surface water quality in the Egyptian Fayoum Governorate (Province). Water samples from irrigation and drainage canals as well as Lake Qarun were collected. Major ions, (semi-)metals, nutrients, salinity and microbiological parameters were examined. The results show high levels of microbiological contaminations in irrigation and drainage waters, which therefore cannot directly be used for drinking or agricultural purposes as they cause a substantial health risk. However, most people use these waters untreated for domestic and agricultural purposes causing water-borne diseases. Also, my PhD study is focusing on geochemical modeling of Lake Qarun (Egypt) based on the predicted climate change and also on the changes of the inflowing water chemistry.

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