Professori Helena Kahiluoto

Uploaded on: 07/10/2019

Current Organisation
Sustainability science, Lahti (Superior organisation: Sustainable Solutions)

Projects as Principal Investigator
CitiCAP (01/01/2018 - 31/12/2020)
Funder: European Commission
Understanding food value chains and network dynamics (H2020) (01/06/2017 - 31/05/2021)
Funder: European Commission

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Bacterial protein for food and feed generated via renewable energy and direct air capture of CO2: Can it reduce land and water use? (2019)
A2 Review article, literature review, systematic review
Sillman Jani, Nygren Lauri, Kahiluoto Helena, et al.
Global Food Security
Carbon revenue in the profitability of agroforestry relative to monocultures (2019)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Waldén Pirjetta, Ollikainen Markku, Kahiluoto Helena
Agroforestry Systems
Decline in climate-resilience of European wheat (2019)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Kahiluoto Helena, Kaseva Janne, Balek Janne, et al.
Processed agrifood residues for phosphorus recycling in the field (2019)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Mäkelä J. Jaakko, Ketoja Elise, Kuisma Miia, et al.
Field Crops Research
Reply to Snowdon et al. and Piepho: Genetic response diversity to provide yield stability of cultivar groups deserves attention (2019)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Kahiluoto Helena, Kaseva Janne, Olesen Jørgen E., et al.
The Concept of Planetary Boundaries (2019)
A3 Book section, chapters in research books
Kahiluoto Helena
Encyclopedia of Food Security and Sustainability
Agency in regime destabilization through the selection environment: The Finnish food system’s sustainability transition (2018)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Kuokkanen Anna, Nurmi Armi, Mikkilä Mirja, et al.
Research Policy
Low black carbon concentration in agricultural soils of central and northern Ethiopia (2018)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Yli-Halla Markku., Rimhanen Karoliina., Muurinen Johanna, et al.
Science of the Total Environment
Biotic resource loss beyond food waste: Agriculture leaks worst. (2017)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Kuisma Miia, Kahiluoto Helena
Resources, Conservation and Recycling
Is there transition going on towards nutrient recycling and renewable energy in dairy farming? (2017)
A4 Conference proceedings
Kuisma Miia, Mäkinen Hanna, Kahiluoto Helena
NJF seminar 495 4th Organic Conference, Organics for tomorrow's food systems, Proceedings

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