Tutkijaopettaja Kalle Elfvengren

E-mail: Kalle.Elfvengren@lut.fi
Uploaded on: 29/03/2019

Current Organisation
Innovation Management (Superior organisation: LUT School of Engineering Science)

Research Interest
Decision Support Systems, Decision Analysis, Risk Management, Innovation Management, Front End of Innovation, Technology Management, Process Reengineering

Teaching Experience
Decision Support Systems, Methods of Technology Management, Risk Management

Projects as Project Manager
Systematic creativity development for ne (01/04/2014 - 31/03/2017)
Funder: Tekes

Projects as Co-Investigator

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Data Openness Based Data Sharing Concept for Future Electric Car Maintenance Services (2019)
A4 Conference proceedings
Metso Lasse, Happonen Ari, Rissanen Matti, et al.
A Method of System Model Improvement Using TRIZ Function Analysis and Trimming (2018)
A3 Book section, chapters in research books
Efimov-Soini Nikolai, Elfvengren Kalle
Advances in Systematic Creativity : Creating and Managing Innovations
Serious games for decision-making processes: a systematic literature review (2018)
A4 Conference proceedings
Rissanen Matti, Metso Lasse, Elfvengren Kalle, et al.
WCEAM 2018 World Congress on Engineering Asset Management
Improving the Productivity and Efficiency of an Integrated Mental and Addiction Care – An Application of the Theory of Constraints and Five-Focusing Step to Evaluation of Adult ADHD Patients (2017)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Kemppinen Juha, Korpela Jukka, Elfvengren Kalle, et al.
Finnish Journal of eHealth and eWelfare
TRIZ Popularity, Challenges and Strategies to Make It Work in Finland (2017)
A4 Conference proceedings
Khademi Behrooz, Elfvengren Kalle, Chechurin Leonid
Triz Future Conference 2017 - Bridging Creativity in Science, Entrepreneurship, Industry and Education
Customer Need Based Concept Development (2016)
A4 Conference proceedings
Elfvengren Kalle, Lohtander Mika, Chechurin Leonid
LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications : Tutkimusraportit - Research reports
Proceedings of the NSAIS’16 - Workshop on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems
Customer Need -Based New Product Concept Development: QFD and TRIZ Approaches (2016)
A4 Conference proceedings
Elfvengren Kalle, Chechurin Leonid, Lohtander Mika
Procedia Manufacturing
Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing
Decision Support for the Service Needs Assessment Process in Elderly Care (2016)
A4 Conference proceedings
Kaarna Tanja, Korpela Jukka, Elfvengren Kalle, et al.
Proceedings of the 2016 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
Location Independent Manufacturing – the key element for greater sustainability and green manufacturing – case based SWOT analysis. (2016)
A4 Conference proceedings
Lohtander Mika, Laitinen Sari, Volotinen Jarno, et al.
Procedia Manufacturing
26th International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing
Method of Time-dependent TRIZ Function Ranking (2016)
A4 Conference proceedings
Efimov-Soini Nikolai, Chechurin Leonid, Renev Ivan, et al.
Triz future conference
TRIZ Future Conference 2016 : Systematic innovation and creativity

Other Research Activities

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