Apulaisprofessori (tenure track) Lea Hannola

Mobile phone: +358 40 822 3982
Uploaded on: 08/10/2020

Current Organisation

Research Interest
Innovation Management, especially product, service, technology and systems design methods
Sociotechnical aspects in manufacturing, Smart factories

Teaching Experience
Head of the Degree Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management
Bachelor's and Master's Thesis and Seminar in Industrial Engineering and Management
Strategic Planning and Management
Intelligent Product-Service Systems

Projects as Principal Investigator
Door to Door Information for Air Passengers (01/06/2015 - 12/10/2018)
Funder: European Commission
Worker-Centric Workplaces in Smart Factories (H2020) (01/01/2015 - 30/11/2018)
Funder: European Commission

Projects as Project Manager
Worker-Centric Workplaces in Smart Factories (H2020) (01/01/2015 - 30/11/2018)
Funder: European Commission

Projects as Co-Investigator
DigiBuzz-LUT (01/10/2019 - 30/09/2021)
Funder: Business Finland

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Assessing the impact of socio-technical interventions on shop floor work practices (2020)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Hannola Lea, Lacueva-Pérez Francisco, Pretto Paolo, et al.
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Digital twin business ecosystems: Preconditions and benefits for service business (2020)
A4 Conference proceedings
Kokkonen Kirsi, Hannola Lea, Rantala Tuija, et al.
Impacts of Digital Twins – Significance from Sales Perspective (2020)
A4 Conference proceedings
Rantala Tuija, Kokkonen Kirsi, Hannola Lea
The SERVITIST Method for Service Design: A Lifecycle Approach for Data-Driven Service Innovation (2020)
A4 Conference proceedings
Verdugo Cedeño Jesus Mario, Hannola Lea, Ojanen Ville
Worldwide Digital Twins development: a patent landscape study (2020)
A4 Conference proceedings
Akulenko Elena, Kutvonen Antero, Hannola Lea
Knowledge Requirements for Sustainable Smart Service Design (2019)
A4 Conference proceedings
Cedeño Jesus Mario Verdugo, Hannola Lea, Ojanen Ville
Proceedings of the 11th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (IC3K 2019)
Product Lifecycle Management Business Transformation in an Engineering Technology Company (2019)
A3 Book section, chapters in research books
Donoghue Ilkka, Hannola Lea, Papinniemi Jorma
Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 4): The Case Studies
The Value of Digital Twins and IoT Based Services in Creating Lifecycle Value in B2B Manufacturing Companies (2019)
A4 Conference proceedings
Donoghue Ilkka, Hannola Lea, Mikkola Aki
Portland International Conference On Management Of Engineering And Technology
2019 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)
Adoption of VR and AR technologies in the enterprise (2018)
A4 Conference proceedings
Heinonen Markus, Ojanen Ville, Hannola Lea
LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications : Tutkimusraportit - Research reports
Proceedings of the 2018 ISPIM Innovation Conference (Stockholm): Innovation, the Name of the Game
Assessing the impact of digital interventions on the shop floor (2018)
A4 Conference proceedings
Hannola Lea, Steinhüser Melanie, Richter Alexander, et al.
20th International Working Seminar on Production Economics

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