Junior Researcher Arun Gyawali

E-mail: Arun.Gyawali@lut.fi
Uploaded on: 31/07/2021

Current Organisation
Laboratory of Bioenergy / Mikkeli (Superior organisation: Laboratory of Energy Technology)
I am a Junior researcher in bioenergy lab, LUT. look forward to being a perseverant forest and biodiversity conservator and an efficient environment manager. My research interest includes bioenergy, climate change and energy system study using simulation and advance GIS-remote sensing techniques.

Estimation and Comparison of Tree Attributes in Young Forest Using Different Remote Sensing: Drone LiDAR, Aerial Photogrammetry, and Open Forest Data (2021)
A4 Conference proceedings
Gyawali Arun, Peuhkurinen Jussi, Villikka Maria, et al.
European Biomass Conference And Exhibition
29th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

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