Professori Juha Varis

Mobile phone: +358 40 501 7478
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Current Organisation
Laboratory of Production Engineering (Superior organisation: Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering)

Research Interest
Dr.Tech. (Eng.), professor of Production Engineering, Head of LUT Mechanical Engineering. Professor Varis (1964) has been co-operating with Finnish metal industry since 1988, and he has been acting as a professor since 1999. His knowledge and skills can be summarized for DFM (Design for Manufacturing) related to mechanical joining methods, sheet and plate metal fabricating, metal cutting processes, paperboard post-processing, and novel reusing methods for wastes. Professor Varis has listed over 300 publications including 15 patents, he has evaluated over 250 thesis for master’s degree, and 9 for doctor’s degree. He is working as an expert member of many companies and organizations.

Teaching Experience
Professor Juha Varis has been teaching on the following areas since 1999; sheet metal fabricating, metal cutting, post-processing of paperboard materials, and novel manufacturing processes in various applications. The focus of teaching is manufacturability, which on the other words can be summarized for DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembling).

Projects as Principal Investigator
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Industrial Symbiosis Hub (01/01/2020 - 31/12/2021)
Funder: European Commission
Innovation Framework for Challenge Oriented Intelligent Manufacturing (01/01/2019 - 30/06/2021)
Funder: Other International
Herge proof of consept (15/09/2018 - 30/04/2019)
Funder: Other Finnish

Projects as Project Manager

Projects as Co-Investigator
Tyyli - Työelämäjaksoja ja työssäoppimista yliopisto-opintoihin (01/01/2018 - 30/09/2018)
Funder: Other Finnish
LIFE IP on waste - Towards circular economy in Finland (01/10/2016 - 31/12/2023)
Funder: European Commission

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Puristusliittäminen – muovaava liittämismenetelmä (2003)
Varis Juha
Levytekniikan teemapäivä – Steel Forum 2003, 9.10.2003, Teknillinen korkeakoulu, Espoo
Teräksiset kerroslevyrakenteet (2003)
Kujala Pentti, Romanoff Jani, Salminen Antti, et al.
The Suitability of Clinching as a Joining Method for High Strength Structural Steel (2003)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Varis Juha
Journal of Materials Processing Technology
Process and apparatus for the manufacture of a cooking vessel by roll forming (2000)
H1 Granted patent
Kujanpää Veli, Kässi Timo, Piispanen Ari, et al.
Sähköimpulssimuovauksen mallintaminen LS-Dynalla (2000)
D1 Article in a trade journal
Hämäläinen Reijo, Lohtander Mika, Varis Juha
Menetelmä ja laitteisto keittoastian, kuten paistinpannun tai kattilan valmistamiseksi (1998)
H1 Granted patent
Piispanen Ari, Savinainen Timo, Varis Juha, et al.

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