Tutkijaopettaja Uolevi Nikula

E-mail: uolevi.nikula@lut.fi
Mobile phone: +358 40 559 1374
Uploaded on: 10/01/2019

Current Organisation
Software Engineering (Superior organisation: LUT School of Engineering Science)

Research Interest
Introductory programming, process improvement

Teaching Experience
Associate Professor Nikula has been teaching the following courses: Fundamentals of programming (2005-); Practical programming (2011-); Software Engineering (2006-); Software Quality, Processes, and Organizations (2008-). He received the Student Union reward on Best Course Material in 2008 together with Dr. Jussi Kasurinen.

Projects as Project Manager
FITech-ICT: Kansallinen ICT-alaan keskittyvä koulutuskokonaisuus (19/12/2018 - 31/12/2021)
Funder: Other Finnish
Avoimilla ratkaisuilla kasvua ja vaikutt (01/12/2013 - 31/12/2014)
Funder: Other Finnish

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Python 3 – ohjelmointiopas, versio 1.0 (2010)
D5 Textbook, professional manual or guide or a dictionary
Vanhala Erno, Nikula Uolevi
The Front End of Innovation - a Group Method for the Elicitation of Software Requirements (2010)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Hannola Lea, Nikula Uolevi, Leino Kari, et al.
International Journal of Innovation and Learning
Assessing and Improving the Front End Activities of Software Development - Experiences in a Software House (2009)
A4 Conference proceedings
Hannola Lea, Oinonen Petri, Nikula Uolevi
Extending Process Improvement into a New Organizational Unit (2009)
A4 Conference proceedings
Nikula Uolevi, Oinonen Petri, Hannola Lea
From Technology Migration to Organizational Culture Change (2009)
A4 Conference proceedings
Nikula Uolevi, Jurvanen Christian, Gotel Olly, et al.
Improving the Technical Infrastructure of a Programming Course (2009)
Nikula Uolevi, Alaoutinen Satu, Kasurinen Jussi, et al.
Student Self-Assessment by Counting the Times of Repetition (2009)
A4 Conference proceedings
Alaoutinen Satu, Nikula Uolevi
A Study of Visualization in Introductory Programming (2008)
Kasurinen Jussi, Purmonen Mika, Nikula Uolevi
Customer-Supplier Issues in Software Development (2008)
A4 Conference proceedings
Pasi Satya Jaya Aparna, Smolander Kari, Nikula Uolevi

Educational data mining
Software development
Software Engineering
Software Process
Software requirements

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