Professori Harri Eskelinen

Mobile phone: +358 40 197 9280
Uploaded on: 14/08/2018

Current Organisation
Laboratory of Production Engineering (Superior organisation: LUT Mechanical Engineering)

Research Interest
Harri Eskelinen received doctoral degree, D.Sc. (Tech) in the field of machine design in 1999. Year 2000, he has nominated as an Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering and 2001 he was nominated as an Adjunct Professor of DFMA. His main expertise covers the overlapping and integrated areas of product design, manufacturing and material selection. He is also the Head of the Degree Programs in Mechanical Engineering.

Teaching Experience
Harri Eskelinen has teaching experience from the following university level course modules: DFMA (Design for manufacturing and assembly), Selection of structural materials, Research methods and methodologies, 3D-modelling and technical documentation, Reliability based machine element design and Management and leadership skills in mechanical engineering.

Projects as Co-Investigator
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Digitalisoitu robottihitsaus vaativiin sovelluksiin (01/01/2018 - 30/06/2020)
Funder: Business Finland

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Project overview about IWE-CAL-software development - improving the module for welded structure design (2003)
A2 Review article, literature review, systematic review
Eskelinen Harri, Pettinen Reijo
International Journal for the Joining of Materials
A phase locked crystal oscillator design to withstand long-term vibration loading (2000)
A4 Conference proceedings
Eskelinen Harri, Heinola Janne-Matti, Silventoinen Pertti
A prototype of an adaptive integrated antenna system for cellurar networks. (1999)
B3 Unrefereed conference proceedings
Eskelinen Pekka, Eskelinen Harri, Lohtander Mika, et al.

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