Projektitutkija Jussi Lahti

Mobile phone: +358 50 3268 383

Current Organisation
Separation Science (Superior organisation: LUT School of Engineering Science)

Research Interest
Kraft black liquor, side product of the kraft pulping process, is nowadays mainly burned to recover inorganic cooking chemicals and to produce energy. However, ligneous compounds and hydroxy acids, which are present in black liquor, would be valuable raw material for instance for renewable fuels and materials replacing oil based chemicals. In addition, the separation of lignin from black liquor would reduce the load of the recovery boiler and enable increasing of the capacity of a pulp mill.
Applicability of precipitation and ultrafiltration for separation of lignin from kraft black liquor has been studied since the 70’s. Nevertheless, commercial applications are still rare and knowledge of how to improve separation efficiency is still needed. This study produces novel information on the separation phenomena, which can be utilized in the fractionation of hydroxy acids and lignin from black liquor. In addition, the effect of process conditions and raw materials on separation phenomena and stability of polymeric membranes under extreme conditions prevailing in black liquor treatment are studied to evaluate feasibility on commercial membranes for this application. The results of this study give valuable contribution for the development of wood-based biorefineries.

Research Areas

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Effect of solvent in nanofiltration of hydroxy acids (2011)
B3 Unrefereed conference proceedings
Kallioinen Mari, Kärki Satu, Lahti Jussi, et al.
Fractionation of Organic and Inorganic Compounds from Black Liquor by Combining Membrane Separation and Crystallization (2011)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Niemi Harri, Lahti Jussi, Hatakka Henry, et al.
Chemical Engineering and Technology
Influence of pre-hydrolysis and cooking conditions on ultrafiltration of black liquor (Poster) (2011)
Kallioinen Mari, Lahti Jussi, Mänttäri Mika
Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, March 22-24, 2011
Valorization of waste water from potato starch production (2011)
B3 Unrefereed conference proceedings
Mänttäri Mika, Koivula Elsi, Lahti Jussi
ICOM2011. International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes : Book of abstracts
Acetic acid resistance of polyamide membranes (2010)
B3 Unrefereed conference proceedings
Lahti Jussi, Kallioinen Mari, Koivikko Hannu, et al.
Fractionation of organic compounds by combining crystallization and membrane separation (2010)
B3 Unrefereed conference proceedings
Niemi Harri, Sha Sha, Lahti Jussi, et al.
BIWIC 2010 : 17th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization
Membrane resistance at extreme filtration conditions (2010)
B3 Unrefereed conference proceedings
Lahti Jussi
Alkali resistance of polyamide nanofiltration membranes (2009)
B3 Unrefereed conference proceedings
Lahti Jussi
Degradation kinetics of nanofiltration membranes in alkaline cleaning (2009)
B3 Unrefereed conference proceedings
Lahti Jussi, Pihlajamäki Arto, Mänttäri Mika

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