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Research Interest
Pressure loss estimation in chromatography base on Ergun measurements and equation which is named after his name. After his work there have been many researchers who has tried to make better estimation for pressure loss. Quite often constant parameters of Ergun equation has to be fitted to special cases. This phenomenon decreases usable for general engineering applications. Increased modelling resources have enabled to use more discrete methods to investigate packed beds and other packs of discrete elements. DEM(discrete element method) is coupled with CFD(computational fluid dynamics), together they form combination which allows to study force chains with fluid flow. Pressure loss in packed bed is related packing which is effected by pressure. Pressure and packing forms together self interaction combination. Depend on chromatography material material can shrink or swallow with different solutes. This forms one base to my research interest.
Research of pressure loss in packed bed happens true CFD-DEM and measurements. In the spirit of the open data open source programs; OPENFOAM® and LIGGGHTS, are selected to use.
My other interested are hybrid membrane filtration and all speed solver for single and multiphase. Filtration where particles on the membrane form active layer on the membrane. CFD-DEM fits also this frame since the drag of particles is similar base on same phenomenon.

Teaching Experience
Teaching Assistant in Numerical Methods in Heat transfer:
2016 autumn,
Discrete and Finite Volume Method in the respect of heat transfer. Basic methods to discrete gradient and form time integration. Numerical solution for diffusion, convection phenomena. Pressure-velocity coupling in 1-D.

Teaching Assistant in Pumps, blowers and compressors:
2011, 2012, 2015, 2016 autumn,
Basics of thermodynamics in pumps, blower and compressors. Centrifugal pump and blower in pipeline.

CFD-DEM simulations of hydrodynamics of combined ion exchange-membrane filtration (2019)
A1 Journal article (refereed), original research
Naukkarinen Tomi, Nikku Markku, Turunen-Saaresti Teemu
Chemical Engineering Science
Explicit Darcy's Law Boundary Condition with Combined Continuum and Discrete Model for Pressure Driven Membrane Applications (2016)
A4 Conference proceedings
Naukkarinen Tomi, Turunen-Saaresti Teemu
ECCOMAS Congress 2016 VII European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering

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