Projektitutkija Mira Holopainen


Current Organisation
Performance Management / Lahti (Superior organisation: Common, Industrial Engineering and Management)

Digimittaaminen johtamisen tukena (2021)
Holopainen Mira, Sore Sariseelia
Digital twin as a service – The role of digital twin mechanisms on their different uses (2021)
A4 Conference proceedings
Saunila Minna, Holopainen Mira, Nasiri Mina, et al.
28th EurOMA Conference
Service business with digital twins: Implications for innovation (2021)
A4 Conference proceedings
Holopainen Mira, Saunila Minna, Rantala Tero, et al.
The digital twin combined with real-time performance measurement in lean manufacturing (2021)
A3 Book section, chapters in research books
Holopainen Mira, Ukko Juhani, Saunila Minna, et al.
Real-time Simulation for Sustainable Production : Enhancing User Experience and Creating Business Value

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